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Introducing SilverStripe Content Management System -

We mostly use SilverStripe 3 CMS – an award winning, easy-to-use, and open source content management system. 

  SilverStripe 3 features include:

  • √  Page control 
  • √  Menu / Site tree control 
  • √  Bulk file and image upload 
  • √  Version and history control 


  • √  User groups and access rights 
  • √  Reporting suite 
  • √  Settings management 
  • √  SEO Friendly and super-fast 
  • √  Drag and drop controls 
  • √  Auto image resizing and crops 
  • √  Almost unlimited pages 
  • √  Expert CMS training 


The combination provides both developers and content editors the ideal tools to create innovative web projects. With Silverstripe Software, no idea is too complex

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Content Management Systems

CMS ( Content Management System) is a software or solution to create and manage a website. This is the tool that allows users to upload files and contents in any format by passing the typical HTML processor. CMS actually transforms the content to be uploaded in HTML compatible format so that it gets displayed on the web template with ease. You can understand it as a shortcut to create websites and manage its content and designing. Apart from creating pages; the CMS also allows the users to store and recover data or files on the webpage.

The system performs the crucial authentication tasks that are mandatory while creating new websites. With the CMS attached to your website; you just need to decide the layout, choose features to be displayed over the webpage, decide between templates and get the job done.



Crucial elements for development

At Lexandclo Web solutions, we believe that Content Management System (CMS) is one of the crucial elements for development of a website design. we have created many web designs to be compatible with a CMS. It is the system that enables an ordinary computer user to update and manage a website without technical assistance. We make sure to provide our customers with free or customized CMS solutions to help them get rid of extra expenses.

We prefer that our clients should be able to manage, modify and update daily basis content on their websites without any technical support or code specific knowledge.

At Lexandclo Web solutions, we have specialised development team for creation of bespoke content management systems. Such Content Management Systems are custom designed for every website to supplement online survival for our customers. Hence, you don’t need to wait or call for technical support for management of your website but you just need to have a live internet connection and that’s all. Login to your website and you are free to manage content without any problem.

We specialise in creating trouble free and user friendly interface. 



Benefits of using a CMS

There are many free CMS templates present in market including silverstripe, Wordpress and others. At Lexandclo Web Solutions, we have hands on customization of these free Content Management Systems according to customer’s customized needs. Here are some benefits of using silverstripe is one of the most popular state-of-the-art CMS with flexible features and awesome benefits. 

silverstripe is a flexible tool that can be used and adopted to any website niche. One can create blogs or ecommerce solutions or any other form of website on this content management system. It is available in many versions with different advancements in features and extensions. For a newbie the program is also available for free with all the required features. It provides all types of functions that any user would like to add on their website along with basic website and content development. silverstripe is customizable even for a customer who need out of the box customize content management solutions. 

Another important and most widely used content management system is Wordpress. So, if you even need customized Wordpress solutions then our experts at Lexandclo Web Solutions can help you in getting best user interface.



Your website Design 

Getting your website’s design right is obviously critical to the project success. Whether you have branding guidelines or require a brand creating, Lexandclo can help achieve a beautifully designed website that your customers have pleasure in using

My Approach to Design Once you’ve appointed Lexandclo, we will send you a brief questionnaire to cover many of the main features of the web design, these may include: 

  •  Branding 
  •  Tone & Voice 
  •  Colour Scheme 
  •  Typography 
  •  Page types 
  •  Navigation options 
  •  Page layout options 




Mobile. Tablet and Desktop ready!

Your website has to perform without compromise on multi devices and browsers. Our mobile first design approach ensures you’ll be converting visitors on mobile as well as desktop, with best practice design principles and latest coding standards applied to your project. 

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